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Home Page

The Home Page provides a simple way to view and track course and learning path enrollments. With our Learning Management System, courses are grouped into specific learning paths or tracks that best fit AlliedBarton's requirements, our customers' specific needs and career plans developed for our employees. Tracks can be designated as required and automatically assigned to employee groups.

Course Catalog

The Course Catalog provides a comprehensive listing of the course offerings available through the AlliedBarton|EDGE®. Users can select courses by the following functional categories: Security Officers’ EDGE, Managers’ EDGE and Leaders’ EDGE. For additional details about the quality courses available from our Training Library, click here.

Employees may enroll in an open course themselves or request authorization to take additional courses from the catalog. Administrators can receive these requests immediately via email or at system log on.

Reports/Files List

The Reports/File List provides a central location to store training-related documents such performance data and compliance reports, handbooks, forms and compliance statements.